• RUS COA service is an independent company. The opinions expressed by our employees do not depend on the opinions of other companies, and we do not seek to influence the opinions of other companies. Experts and service employees do not comment, do not confirm or deny decisions of other companies on authentication. We respect the opinions of other companies, dealers and individuals and have no intention of harming their reputation.
  • Certification and authentication represent an individual subjective judgment (opinion) of experts based on both personal experience and the results of the analysis of the equipment used in the verification. The result of the check can be changed upon receipt of additional evidence (photos, videos and / or any other information). Therefore, RUS COA does not make any guarantees or representations and does not bear any responsibility to the client for the opinion expressed by RUS COA in relation to any decision arising from the autograph check.
  • The term for checking an autograph differs depending on the choice of the type of verification: when choosing a quick type, up to 5 working days inclusive, when choosing a full type of verification – up to 10 working days inclusive.
  • A client who chooses the full type of check and sends an autograph to the service personally insures the autographed item (insurance by mail using an attachment list). Insurance is made at the request of the client. The RUS COA service is responsible for the autograph after receiving it and until it is sent to the client. This period is fixed by updated information contained in tracking numbers (tracking number). When sending back, RUS COA indicates the same amount that was indicated by the client in the attachment inventory.
  • Return delivery of an autographed item that has passed / failed inspection is carried out at the expense of the RUS COA, subject to the following conditions:
    1. The weight of the autographed item is less than 2 kilograms;
    2. The recipient of the autograph is located on the territory of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus. When the recipient is in another country, delivery services are paid according to the tariffs of EMS Post (
  • The RUS COA service is not responsible for the delivery services. We use EMS express shipping for return shipment. Delivery by other carriers is made after personal agreement with the RUS COA manager.