How it works?

Each autograph obtained is studied and verified by a group of RUS COA specialists. First, each signature is compared with the largest database of autograph samples in the world, which helps to evaluate the general coincidence of signs. Then, the experts conduct the process of evaluating the signature

(comparative study), in which a set of signs is compiled, sufficient or insufficient for a positive conclusion. With a positive conclusion, an autograph is assigned a number and description, which is stored in the RUS COA database. The client receives his autograph and certificate of authenticity with a description of the subject of authentication.

Our equipment

In cases where more detailed examination is required, RUS COA uses a video spectral comparator (VSC). This professional tool is for in-depth study of autographs or autographed documents. At the same time, the VSC allows you to detect erasures, reveal camouflage signatures (basting), differences in types of ink and other signs that cannot be detected with the naked eye. RUS COA uses the latest generation of video spectral comparator for professional analysis Projectina “Spectra Pro” from the Swiss manufacturer Projectina AG.

A gas-liquid chromatograph is used for the examination of the age of the autograph, which makes it possible to establish the relative and absolute age of the document. For these purposes, we use a gas chromatograph Хроматэк Кристалл 5000.1.


With a positive conclusion, we send our customers a Certificate of Conformity (below in the photo). The certificate has the A5 format (size 14.8 × 21.0 cm), on which there is information about the autograph on both sides.

The front of the certificate. At the top of the certificate we place the brand sticker of our brand, under which the client can see a special number entered in our database after verification. Numbers can start either at 0 or at 1 (information on additional episodes will be published on Under the number is a photograph of the autograph, as well as information about the person who left this autograph. At the bottom of the certificate is our seal for certificates.

The back of the certificate.

Certificate (Old Sample) – On the back of the certificate there is a bilingual summary of the verification results. Certificate (New Sample) – On the back of the certificate, in addition to the above, QR codes have been added to quickly go to the site page.

Certificate (Old Sample)
Certificate (New Sample)